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    1. Honda Says It's Doing A Semi-Autonomous First

      Honda Says It's Doing A Semi-Autonomous First

      Honda’s system has the same name as Audi’s failed one , though it’s unclear to me if that’s a branding thing or it’s the same tech. 2nd Gear: Lyft Wants In On Food Delivery The food delivery business has very understandably exploded amid the pandemic, to such a degree that Uber Eats is the only real bright spot for Uber at the moment. Well, Lyft now wants in on that too. Advertisement From Reuters : Unlike larger rival Uber Technologies Inc., Lyft has no food-delivery business to fall back on.

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    2. #NEXTGen 2020.

      #NEXTGen 2020.

      Videos (10x, 10.68 GB) This article in other PressClubs Show all Experience #NEXTGen 2020 at: www.bmw.com/nextgen Munich. The BMW Group is writing the next chapter in the future of mobility – and #NEXTGen 2020 provides the ideal platform on which to present this latest instalment. Following the highly successful inaugural event in 2019, this year’s programme will be staged in digital formats.

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    3. ‘Cone Zone’ Season Can Be Tough On Vehicles

      ‘Cone Zone’ Season Can Be Tough On Vehicles

      Summer is the main season for “cone zones,” road construction where you will likely hit a bump or two, or come across loose stones and other hazards. These rough road conditions can be tough on a vehicle’s steering and suspension system and can throw out the alignment, while loose stones have the potential to damage the vehicle’s exterior or windshield, according to the non-profit Car Care Council.

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