1. Possible car expenses to expect if you haven’t driven during quarantine

    Many people are now sheltering at home and have been for weeks, which often means that their cars are sitting idle in a garage or on the street. While this can be a big money-saver when it comes to gas, not moving your car for weeks or months at a time can cause serious damage to your vehicle.

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    1. Every time you start and drive your car, power from the battery cranks the starter motor, and the alternator then recharges the battery.
    2. All tires slowly lose air, whether driven or not.
    3. Modern fuels go bad in three to six months.
    4. In a worst-case scenario, deteriorated fuel which is run through the fuel system could cause expensive parts like the fuel pump to require replacement.
    5. Any car which sits outside is, of course, subject to the ravages of the weather, including the sun's UV rays — not to mention other external factors like dust, tree branches and bird droppings.
    6. If your car is sitting, add a fuel stabilizer, available online or in most big-box hardware stores.